Baling Wire

Baling wires, or baling ties, are Made of mainly black or dark annealed iron wire. Wire forms mainly include: Quick link, single looped, straight cut pieces and straight cut double looped. Choose from the following varieties.

Baling Wire with Twisted Loop at One End

Single Loop Baling Wire
A kind of twisted ties for bagging and baling of all types of expanding fibrous materials, for example: cotton, synthetic fibre, wool etc.

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Balers Tying Wire

Cotton Bale Tie Wire
Cotton bale tie wire is also named loop wire tie or banding wire. Materials can be black annealed, galvanized iron, pvc coated iron wire. Mainly used for balers.

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Hand Tying and Automatic Cotton Packing Wire

Quick Link Cotton Bale Ties Quick link bale ties are made of dead-soft annealed wire. Suitable for hand tying & automated baling systems. Popular types:

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Soft Black Annealed Baling Wire with Twisted Loops, Hay Baling Wire

Annealed Bale Ties
Aimlong black annealed baling wire for agriculture: binding hays, cottons and other large dimensions materials. Supplied in continuous coils, loop ties, straigtened and cut wire and U type wire bundles.

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Straighened and Cut Loop Tie Wire for Cotton Baling

Straigtened Cut and loop baling wire ties
Cut baling wire can be processed into straightened cut pieces and cut wire deformed with double loop ties. Finishes can be oiled or not oiled.

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