Annealed, Galvanized, Oiled Non-Galvanized Steel Single Loop Twisted Ties


Single looped baling wire is a kind of steel twisted tie for packing all types of materials in agriculture, textile and construction industries. The bale twisted ties are bundled and tied for ease of handling with loop ends protected during transit. Breaking strength at loop: 975 to 1050kg minimum.

The wires have four finishes: Black annealed, bright galvanized zinc plated, pvc coated or oiled non-galvanized black steel.

Black Annealed Wire Ties with One End Loop for Quick Baling

General Technical Information:
Material: High carbon steel according to DIN 17223 or upon request.
Diameter: 2.00mm to 4.00mm.
Wire diameter: 0.5mm---2.0mm
Length: 3”---24” (75mm---609mm)
Wire Gauge: 16ga to 18ga
Length in inch: 3''-24''
Tensile Strength:
1500 to 1770 N/mm2 - or as per client request.
Elongation: 5 to 8% mini
Breaking Load at loop: 975 to 1050kg mini

62, 125, 250, and 500 wire/bundles coiled and boxed.
Each bundle is individually wrapped and numbered to keep them clean and easy to inventory.

Photos Illustrations of Popular Baling Wires:

Twisted Baling Ties

Looped Bale Ties Applied for Automatic Tying Operation

Single Loop Tie Wire for Packing