Double Loop Wire Ties Black Annealed, Galvanized, PVC Coated, Designed with Double Loops for Easy Binding of Bags. Available in Length from 3" to 24". Simplified as Loop Ties.

Black Annealed Double Looped Ties
Black Annealed Loop Tie Wire is a kind of soft iron wire made from low carbon steel wire after cold drawing, heating, constant temperature annealing, heat preservation technology. Annealed wire is most popular material for loop end ties with excellent bending and deforming property. Suitable for binding bags and sacks. Also known as bag ties.

Benefit of Using:
Double loop wire ties black annealed have a loop at each end, and are pliable and easy to twist. Just hook up the double loop at two ends of the loop tie with the help of a tool with hooks, then twist the wires in one direction. It is easy and simple to operate to achieve firm binding and sealing. Tying and baling work efficiency can be increased greatly with using of loop ties.

Material: Q195/Q235 low carbon steel wire
Tensile strength or T/S: 350N-480N/mm2
Plastic bags inner and hessian outside
Plastic bags inner and woven bags outside
Size: Wire dia: 1mm-3mm; Length: 70mm-700mm. Most popular export size: 12' with a 16 gauge.

Loop Tie Wire PVC Coated for Plant as Garden Wire

PVC coated loop ties have advantages of anti-cracking, no-scratching to the tying item at binding. Also, the plastic coating provides protection against rust and corrosion and ensures a long work time of the wire ties. Both double loop and single loop design available for plastic coated wire ties. It is widely used to bind and support the plants in gardens or other daily binding.

General Specifications:
Length: 3"- 40"
The diameter of the wire: 0.8mm/1.2mm---3.5mm/4.0mm
Coating: Green, grey, silver, black, etc.
Tensile: 350-950N/mm2
Quality: soft, twist, loop
Weight: 0.1---500kg/coil

Hot Dipped Galvanized Loop Ties

Raw material: Galvanized Wire:
Diameter: BWG6# - 38#
Tensile Strength: 300-400kg/mm2
Galvanized iron wire can be divided into two series: (According to zinc coated thickness)Electro galvanized wire, Hot dip galvanized wire.
Zinc coating:
Electro galvanized wire (8g/m2 - 12g/m2);
Hot dip galvanized wire (40g/m2 - 300g/m2)

Photos Illustration of What We offer for Export:

Double Loop Ends Rebar Binding Ties

Galvanized Wire for Processing Loop Ties

PVC Coated Iron Double Loop Steel Wire Ties