Aimlong Wire Products Catalog

Aimlong supplies two catogeries of tying wire products with illustrations of photos as follows: Baling Wire Series and Wire Ties Series.
Metal wire products from Aimlong are processed forms of the following materials.

PVC Coated Wire
Made of low carbon steel wire. Featuring excellent corrosion resistance and anti-aging property and longer service life compared with common galvanized iron wire. Different colors of coating are available. Green coated iron wire, grey coated iron wire, black coated iron wire or yellow coated.

Black Iron Wire

Black iron wire is carbon steel wire, one of the most economic wire materials for wire mesh weaving, welding, binding, and other uses.

Forms available: Coil wire, spooled wire, big package wire, U type wire, cut wire, etc.

Sizes: Various wire diameters.

Annealed Wire

Black annealed wire comes in the form of coil wire or cut wire. Going through the processing of annealing, the iron wire becomes soft and more flexible.
Sizes: Wire Gauge 8# to 22#.
Annealed Wire is made of carbon steel wire, used for weaving, baling in general. Applied for home use and the construction.

Galvanized Wire

Hot dipped galvanlzed low carbon steel wire has features of higher tensile strength, good flexibility, uniform zinc coating, and strong corrosion resistance. It is mainly used for a various kinds of metal knitting, weaving, automobile and tractor air filter, construction, making of handicrafts.

Our hot dipped galvanized low carbon steel wire sells well in home market and is exported to Germany and South East Asia. Products can be made in line with the JlSG532 - 80 Standard of Japan.

Wire Diameter for General Purpose Galvanized Low Carbon Steel Wire: Φ1.0mm to 6.0mm.

Baling Wire Series:


Wire Ties Series