Florist Wire / Floral Wire: Color Painted Metal Wire, PVC, PE Coated Iron Wire, Enamelled Wire, Paper Covered Stem Wire, Paddle Wire for Floral Arrangements

Floral wire is a general use flexible wire to secure binding flowers and greenery in handicrafts works and garden works. Usually refering to the plalstic or enamel painted iron wire with decorative colors. The metal wire is supplied in coils, spools, wooden sticks, paper board or cut length used to bunch flowers, also used as flower stem wire in floral arrangements and various tying and bagging works.

Floral or florist wire can be finished with PVC coating, PE coating, enamelled, vinyl coated. Also known as painted wire, artistic wire, craft wire, handiwork wire, colored wire, enameled wire, paddle wire, flower stem wire.

Features: Florist wire is coated with a thin layer of paint surface then baked, the painting is firm, not easy to fall off from the surface , thus changing the original color of the metal wire.

Varieties Supplied by Aimlong China:
Green Florist Wire
Plastic Coated Floral Wire
Enameled Florist Wire
Paper Covered Flower Stem Wire
Saddle Wire

General Technical Information:
Sizes: 6# to 30#(wire diameter ranging from 5.16mm to 0.35mm).
Material: High quality low carbon steel wire, black annealed wire.

Forms of supply:
1) in coils
2) in spools
3) in Straight Cut Wire
4) in wooden sticks
5) in plastic board

PVC Coated Iron Florist Wire Supplied in Coil Wire, Paddle Wire, Cut Wire

Standard specification: BWG 6#---BWG 32#
Colors: Green, black, white, grey, etc.

Plastic coating thickness:0.4mm-1.5mm;
Wire tolerance:+0.05mm/-0.05mm Max.

Basis Material: Low carbon steel wire SAE C1006-1008;
Core wire: Hot-dipped galvanized wire, Electro galvanized wire or plain steel wire(on request).
Outer layer: PVC, vinyl or PE (on request)
Color: green, black, white, grey and etc (on request).

Technical information:

Tensile strength:350N/MM2-550N/MM2(soft)
Packing: Inside lining PVC, outside package of paper box or wooden crate; Outside and in models weaves the bag or the linen.

Enamelled Floral Wire Supplied on Wooden Sticks, Paper Board or Spools

1) Material:copper,iron,stainless steel wire,etc.
2) Diameter : 0.15mm-2.5mm.

3) Note: Enamel coating is 0.02 - 0.04mm
4) Tensile strength: 30 - 55kg/mm
5) Colors: black, green, yellow, blue, white, orange,More than 40 colors are available.or,as customer's request.
6) Packing :4kg/roll,different from 3g to 7kg each spool are available.

Advantages of Enamelled Florist Wire:

The paint on the surface of tie wire is consistent, not fade and fall off, even bend at 180 degree;
Enamel painting is bright, beautiful and suitable to various settings;
Flexible tying wire, easy to for bending and binding uses.

PE Coated Craft Iron Wire, Coiled Florist Wire, Straight Cut Wire Optional
Tensile Strength: 40kg-60kg/m
Weight/Coil: 0.1kg-500kg/Coil
Packing: Plastic inside,hessian woven/Nylon woven outer
Craft Wire has painting on the metal wire with different colours, then processed with baking to consolidate the surface. The colours for the Craft wire are Gold, Silver, Green, Blue, Pink, Purple, Red etc various colours.

Material: Iron wire, Steel wire, Galvanized wire, S.S wire, Copper wire;
Surface Treatment: Baking Finish, Stoving Varnish;
Colour: Gold, Silver,Green, Blue, Pink, Red, Purple etc.
Section: round wire

Supplying Forms: Coil wire, Spool wire, Stright cut wire, U type wire

Paper Covered Iron Flower Stem Wire Supplied in Straight Cut Length

The flower stem wire is used to secure flower stems and cover wire with floral tape. Also can be used to wire bows onto arrangements and secure greenery or cones to wreath frame.
Diameter: 18GA-30GA
Colors: green, white more than 32 colors
Packing: 50pcs/bag 100bags/carton

How to use paper covered stem wires:
Aimlong florist wire is perfect for creating flowers and leaves for cake decorating and crafting. The wire is easy to cut or bend into required length or shape. Three steps:
?Create the petals and leaves from floral paste,
? Then insert a piece of florist wire into them to make a stem
? Then twist the wire together and tape with floral tape.

Photos of The Florist Wire we supply as below.

Straight Cut Paper Covered Iron Wire for Flower Arrangement

200g Wooden Stick Florist Wire with Enamelled Painting

Plastic Painted Florist Wire for Securing Flowers

Spooled Floral Wire


Craft Wreaths Florist Wire ,2mm ,Green Color