Wire Forms

Metal Wire for Tie Wire Uses can be divided into Flat Wire, Oval Wire or Round Wire according to the section profile. 
From outside shapes and forms, the wire for tying and baling can be divided into Straight cut wire, coiled wire, big package wire, spool wire, bundled wire, looped wire, U bending wire and other forms. Packed in small coils, big coils, around spools or sticks.


Oval Wire
Zinc plated oval profile steel wire tie

Flat Section Bundled Wire
Galvanized steel flat binding wire

Double Loop Tie Wire
Tying wire with single looped and quick link double loop ends for quick bending

Straightened Cut Bar Ties
Straight cut steel wire, annealed wire, galvanized or plastic coated

Industrial Galvanised Tying Wire in Big Package
Industrial tying wire supplied in big package coils

Spool Wire
Tie wire wound around plastic spools

Black Steel Wire Supplied in Coils
Tie wire packed in small coils

Wire Supplied in Plastic Spools
Round wound annealed wire

Baling Wire Supplied in Straight and Deformed U Type
Straight Cut and U Form Bended Wire